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MT Equipos y Accesorios ofrece una amplia variedad de bandas para Elevadores de cangilones y transportadores de banda; cubriendo todas las necesidades del mercado :  antiestáticas, resistentes a la abrasión, al aceite, al fuego así como a altas temperaturas.   Bandas con alma de acero para elevadores con altas capacidades y materiales industriales calientes.  Las bandas se surten conforme a la longitud requerida y barrenadas conforme a sus necesidades, así como en rollos completos. También se tienen grapas para los distintos tipos de banda y aplicaciones.

4B has a complete product line of elevator and conveyor belting, belt splices and pulley lagging for bucket elevators and belt conveyors.  Rubber and PVC belting types including: grain, abrasion resistant, oil & heat retardant, along with steel web core belting for the toughest environments.  Belts supplied slit, cut to length and punched to your requirements.  Four belt splice styles available for all the various belt types and applications.  Replaceable pulley lagging has been designed to virtually eliminate belt slippage by increasing traction under all operating conditions.

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Elevator & Conveyor Belting

• Grain Belting - PVC, Rubber


• Grade 2 Abrasion Resistant SBR Rubber Belting


• Oil and Heat Retardant Belting


• FDA Food Quality Grade Belting


• One Sided and Two Sided Covers


• 2, 3 & 4 Plies Available

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4B Polysur® Steel Web Core Belting

• Rubber Belt with Steel Web Core for Heavy Duty Applications


• Strength up to 2,500 kN/m


• Minimum Stretch -3+3, 4+4 or 5+5 mm Covers


• Temperature Resistant up to 302°F Continuous


• Can Run Over Slightly Crowned Pulleys


• Anti-Static


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4B Vise Splice Elevator Belt Splices & Fasteners


• For Belts 600 to 800 PIW Tensile Strength


• Available in Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metal


• Non-Sparking (Non-Ferrous Version)


• Simple Three Piece Construction


• Max. Temperatures: Ferrous 600°F, Non-Ferrous 500°F


• Each Splice Accommodates 2" of Belt Width


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4B Gripwell Elevator Belt Splices & Fasteners

• For Belts up to 220 PIW and 3/8" (10 mm) Thick


• Vise Grip Between Serrated Jaws


• Secured by High Tensile Bolts & Self Lock Nuts


• Radius Rounded Edges to Reduce Joint Wear


• Standard Lengths from 2 to 12 Inches


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4B Supergrip Elevator Belt Splices & Fasteners

• Four Versions for Belts up to 700 PIW


• Easy Fit Modular System in 2" Segments (50 mm)


• Secured by High Tensile Bolts & Lock Nuts


• Maximum Temperature of 176°F (80°C)


• Available in Stainless Steel



4B Braime Clamp Elevator Belt Splices & Fasteners

• Four Versions for Belts up to 1,400 PIW


• Extruded Aluminum Construction


• Non-Sparking (BC1 Version)


• Secured by High Tensile Bolts & Lock Nuts


• BC1 and BC2 Designed for Textile Belts


• BC2, BC3 & BC4 for Belts with Steel Web Core


Pulley Lagging

• Virtually Eliminates Belt Slippage


• Reduces Abrasive Conditions Between Pulley & Belt


• Lower Belt Tensions for Improved Belt Life


• Use With or Without Retainers


• Replaceable